The Master of vessels, Svetoslav Polimenov Kovachev was born in 1957, Dobrich city, Dobroudja region, North-West of Bulgaria. The means of living in the folk and art crafts in this generous part of the country has been kept until nowadays.

Mr. Kovachev is hereditary craftsman. Since 19 years old , wood plastic and woodturning became his passion. Constantly awarded along all exhibitions he took part. In 1997 at the International Nontraditional Curing Methods Exhibition in St. Petersburg, Russia, he has been granted with special remuneration"Clinical and Curing Effects".
Winner of two golden medals , 1998 and 1999, of the East - West Eurointelect Exhibitions, Sofia, Bulgaria. In his unique creative style , the master keeps up the traditions of Dobroudja - elegance and functionality.

The very essence of this style is the step - by - step process as follow:

1.Careful selection of the wood by the master himself [the nature habitat of the woods is of great importance].

2. The wood trunks need to be saw precisely and dried naturally in 4 - 5 years period.

3. The first treatment , boiling under low pressure and again drying.

4. The real make is going on lath with knife hand-leading at 6000 rpm, not practice by the most craftsmen because of injury risk. That gives possibility for better plasticity of the object.

5. The final procedure consists of the perfect peeling of the vessel, covering with honey wax and it is helping not only for the charming [ decorative ] appearance , but also home application . A paraffin and olive oil treatment is applied [on client's request they could be washed with the same in advance].

The very emphasis is put on walnut tree, but also other trees, used by the master - cherry tree, apricot tree, pear tree.

The process of treatment is long lasting , risky, but it is worth to see the final result.
The master's willing is to engrave the functional and elegant form design in on and the same shape of the wood . Mr. Kovachev always is looking for the maximum unification with the uniqueness of the objects - the only one, unrepeated, but gentle under the light for eyes and soul .

Dobrich p.k. 9300
str. "Izgrev" 4A
Mr. Svetoslav


tel.: +359 58 603 659
mobile: +359 899 589 759


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